Send In The Clowns


You won’t fool the children of the revolution!

Who’d have thought we’d come to a point in history where we heave a sigh of relief as the lesser of two evils declares its electoral victory. Dodging the far-right bullet never felt more like cold comfort. Our community is left bruised and wary after the violent public debating over our mere right to exist freely.

Therefore Pride could not come at a better time, since it is the day where we both commemorate our predecessors, who fought to get where we are now, as well as call attention to the challenges we still have to overcome.

So send in the clowns, so that they can remember our past, celebrate the present, and imagine the future. Since it can only be brighter if we come together and protest the injustices and threats to our human rights.

za 10 aug 24     21u00
za 10 aug 24     23u00